Todd Parker CMT

Certified Massage Therapist


"Todd Parker is a fantastic massage therapist. He begins his assessment when he shakes your hand and looks at how you hold your body.  He is able to feel areas that need attention as he works on you. He is very nice, intellectually curious and very professional.  He has helped me with neck and back pain that I thought was just a part of life in my 40's.  I highly recommend Todd."

Dr. Gretchen Brantley, Pediatrician


"My first visit to Todd Parker was December, 2015.  I thought I would receive a regular massage like all the other ones I’ve had in the past.  I was wrong!  Todd gave me the best, deep, massage of my life.  Todd really worked on some problem areas I was having and knew what he was doing.  After a few sessions, the problem has subsided and I feel great.  Todd made me feel very comfortable and explained what and why he was doing what he was doing during the massage.  Todd is more than a massage therapist, he is a healer!  I would highly recommend Todd to anyone who wants more than a regular massage.  Thank you Todd.  I look forward to working with you again."

Dolores Tingley, Account Executive, NBC 29.


"It’s refreshing to find a balance between traditional care and modern communication.  Seeing Todd Parker for massage therapy allows me to benefit from the best practices of body care while managing my complicated schedule through email and texts.   Todd’s professional background enables him to appreciate the constraints of the corporate environment and it increases his understanding of the benefits of massage therapy within today’s work world.  Body care during the week is like a lifeline – a perfect way to stay balanced!"

Wendy W. Amato, Ph.D.,  Director of Curriculum and Academics, Worldstrides


"Todd Parker is a highly skilled practitioner of the art (and science) of massage, to which he brings great insight, empathy, and sensitivity.  I try to work massage into my regular schedule of health-related practices because of its enormous benefits to my health and wellbeing, and I feel fortunate to be in Todd's capable hands."

Jan Miller, Retired Educator


"I have known Todd and used his services since 2005. He is a kind and gifted massage therapist. I have always felt he had a wonderful ability to put me at ease and to use just the right amount of pressure when he worked on me. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I leave his office. Todd comes to his work through his own challenges with health, and to me that always makes the practitioner more sensitive and attuned to the needs of the client.  I really believe Todd’s big heart and sensitivity make his healing massage sessions especially worth experiencing."

Jocelyn Audet CHP,  Somatic and Mindfulness Facilitator


"Todd is a highly skilled and intuitive massage therapist. He is compassionate and focused with his treatment. Todd is also a fascinating man to meet. I have greatly benefitted from his offerings as a healer and highly recommend his services."    

Bill Hess, Evolution Glass


"I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years and am very selective when choosing someone to work with me. I was so happy to find Todd. I came to him hoping that he could help me with my shoulder challenges I've been experiencing lately. I walked out of his office pain-free and with a very regulated nervous system. He's got a very gentle touch and listening heart and hands that know exactly what to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in not only getting a very relaxing massage but who have any areas of pain that need attention."

Lory Bedotto LMT


"I am not sure what to say, only that I always feel better when I leave than when I came in. And when anyone asks about a really good massage therapist, your name is the first out of my mouth."

H. G.


"I am a fitness professional and use regular massage to both prevent injury and treat injury if needed. I have been looking for a massage therapist like Todd for quite some time. He understands how important massage is to our entire well being and listens carefully to client needs. I have always left feeling more balanced yet ready for the demands of a high impact exercise career. He has recently helped me manage a recurring shoulder injury and I have finally found relief. I highly recommend Todd as a massage therapist and have referred him to many friends."

Kristin Wray,  Owner Jazzercise Charlottesville


"I have had few massage experiences where the practitioner authentically offered a long-term healing approach through massage, but Todd offers this and explains it very authentically. I began to think, "Maybe I can heal my shoulder,  that's been injured a lot, through massage." I feel Todd's desire for massage to be deeply healing, and it is obvious that he believes it can be, and he also has experienced deep healing through massage."



"When Todd asks his clients what their particular issues are, he listens carefully and adapts his practice accordingly. He has a range of techniques that he uses to address various problems, and he works with his clients to find the ones that alleviate their discomfort and pain."

Peg M.


"My experience has been outstanding from my very first visit.  The room is comfortable, clean and quiet...a lovely place! There are no loud noises and the massage cream is wonderful, no fragrances or stickiness.

The consultation before the session is most helpful so that we may discuss my needs and expectations.  Best of all Todd is very kind and caring and gives a wonderful massage. He has a sincere interest in helping someone feel their best.   The follow up phone call/email to see how I'm feeling the next day is very nice, too. (No other massage therapist has done this before!)  I consider Todd part of my health care team and I am so happy he has relocated his practice to Charlottesville!"

Janet D.


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