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I have been using a line of macro-nutrient balanced (40-30-30) functional food bars for more than 15 years that I am now offering for sale to clients.   They are line of bars called Ultra Lean Gluco Support made by Nutra Biogenesis.  These bars are designed to keep your blood sugar stable, which is important in keeping my energy sustained and level.  I just feel better when I avoid "crashes" due to waiting too long to eat in between meals.  And I make healthier choices in quality and quantity of food that I do eat at meals. 

The bars provide plant-based nutrients and essential fats, and contain NO wheat, dairy, casein, corn, gluten, trans fats or other additives.  They use either almond butter or peanut butter for the fat content, and brown rice protein rather than commonly used soy or whey, which are common allergens.

Click on the link above to visit my dispensary that I've set up through Emerson Ecologics, a distributer of Nutra Biogenesis.  Once you register, you can order the bars whenever you like.  As always, please feel free to give me a holler anytime if I can be of further assistance.  Thank you!


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